8" Curved Tip EFK Replacement Blade
8" Curved Tip EFK Replacement Blade

8" Curved Tip EFK Replacement Blade

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The 8" Curved Tip Replacement Blade is perfect for all freshwater species and many saltwater species. Flexible, hollow ground blades provide reciprocating 2-blade action for greater precision and maneuverability. Universal compatibility ensures blades operate on any American Angler electric fillet knife.

The American Angler Promises:

  • Fillet with Ease: Whether you've hooked a 50LB Catfish or a big-boned Trout, this Curved Blade works with our American Angler Motorized Handsets to cut through your catch like butter 
  • Fillet Season After Season: This Curved Serrated Blade arrives sharp and stays sharp longer than traditional fine-edge fillet knives so you spend more time fishing and less time maintaining your knife.
  • Fillet Comfortably: Enjoy a fishing season that's tough on the fish and easy on your arm by combining this Heavy-Duty Blade with our ergonomic American Angler PRO handset or Classic handset.
  • Fillet to Perfection: Whether it's a cooler of crappies or a string of walleyes, American Angler's line of Replacement Blades includes every size and shape you need to expertly fillet your catch
  • Fillet like a PRO: Commercial Fisherman and Professional Guide Services choose American Angler Replacement Blades more than any other brand. Backed by a 1-Year Limited Warranty.