Frequently Asked Questions

What's the big deal with these Titanium blades?

We're glad you asked. Our Pro Titanium Electric Fillet Knife is the answer for any sportsman ready to step up to a rugged, commercial-level electric knife. For those familiar with our Pro Series EFKs, the latest Pro Titanium EFK is a cut above. The 420 stainless steel blades are bonded with a super-hard TiCN titanium-carbon nitride coating, which means your blades are even tougher, last longer, and withstand more wear and tear. This model features the Professional Series shielded 40mm motor and built in Fanjet Air system to minimize heat buildup. The exclusive transmission system is crafted with naval brass and advanced SASA polymers, ensuring maximum cutting power and speed.

The Pro Titanium Electric Fillet Knife is not currently listed in our online store, but it is available at your nearest Bass Pro retailer or on the Bass Pro website. Our customers are talking and they're saying that it runs cooler, has more power, and cuts more smoothly than any other EFK they've used. Try it for yourself and feel the difference!

American Angler’s goal is to help you make the most out of each fish you catch. Review our guide below for information on which American Angler EFK blades to use for different sizes and types of fish.

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1. When you’re out on freshwater and the catches are smaller, the last thing you want to do is tear your catch apart with an electric fillet knife blade that’s too large. Use the 5.5” Curved Fillet Blade for the best results. Its smaller length, slight curve and serrated edge will give you complete control when cleaning species like panfish and perch.
2. If you’re dealing with larger catches than the 5.5” blade can handle, swap it out for our 8” Curved, serrated Blade. It’s our most versatile EFK blade and can be used on almost all freshwater species of fish.
3. If you’re fishing for medium-sized catches such as sea trout, walleye, crappie, catfish or bass, go with our 8” Shark Blade. The unique cut of the curved blade, double serrations and a smooth point make it a high-performance option that lasts and lasts.
4. Step it up to our 10” Shark Blade meant for larger catches. Its flat edge and double serrations make it durable for the larger species such as striper, redfish, catfish, and bass or salmon.
5. Last but not least is the 10” Heavy Duty Blade. With no cutaways along the top of the blade, this one was meant to cut through heavy and thick catches. Use it on large catfish, freshwater and saltwater striper, redfish, grouper, rock cod and many others.

Using the right American Angler EFK blade for the job will keep your blades performing longer and help you make the perfect fillet cuts each and every time!