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Replacement Blades

About American Angler

American Angler proudly designs and makes superior, durable, and long-lasting tools and accessories from their facilities in Harrison, Ohio.

Hopefully every fishing excursion results in a catch where you’ve got more than your boat can hold. A set of premium fishing knives from American Angler will help you cut and clean any size or type of fish. So which type of American Angler fillet knife is right for you?

Nothing is more frustrating than having to purchase a fillet knife sometimes twice a month. We filleted over 26,000 pounds of fish in 8 months with American Angler Pro electric knives. We recommend it to others.

Michael and Teri Littlejohn, Lake Tawakoni Guide Service

I fillet a lot of stripers and American Angler Knives are my choice to get the job done right. The new Pro EFK handles all I can throw at it and continues to perform. I recommend it to all serious fishermen!

Dave Lindhag, Striped Bass Fishing Guide on Lake Ouachita

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