PRO Stainless Steel Series

When the ice box starts to fill up on a perfect day of fishing, you need to clean your fish and save some space. You need to save time, too. That’s where electric filleting knives make a world of difference, and there’s no better place to buy electric fillet knives than from a renowned and trusted brand like American Angler. Versatile enough to handle the smallest or biggest catch, American Angler EFKs were designed for the fisherman pressed for time and freezer space.

Our EFKs are simple to use, with a quick detach system that lets you swap out any size of American Angler electric fillet knife blades and replacement blades in a flash. They feature twice the torque of manual blades but keep the motion smooth and steady so you can control your cuts every inch of the way. Buy American Angler electric fillet knives and feel the difference!