The Pro Titanium Electric Fillet Knife

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Our Pro Titanium Electric Fillet Knife is the answer for any sportsman ready to step up to a rugged, commercial-level electric knife. For those familiar with our Pro Series EFKs, the latest Pro Titanium EFK is a cut above. The 420 stainless steel blades are bonded with a super-hard TiCN titanium-carbon nitride coating, which means your blades are even tougher, last longer, and withstand more wear and tear. This model features the Professional Series shielded 40mm motor and built in Fanjet Air system to minimize heat buildup. The exclusive transmission system is crafted with naval brass and advanced SASA polymers, ensuring maximum cutting power and speed.

The Pro Titanium Electric Fillet Knife is available at your nearest Bass Pro retailer or on the Bass Pro website. Our customers are talking and they're saying that it runs cooler, has more power, and cuts more smoothly than any other EFK they've used. Try it for yourself and feel the difference!


  • Handset
  • 8” Titanium-Coated freshwater blade
  • Ventilated nylon mesh zipper storage case

The American Angler Promises:

  • Fillet with Ease: The PRO Series motor boasts 2X more torque than any other "Heavy-Duty" EFK so big bones never slow you down.
  • Fillet Season After Season: Superior Drive Train components and design gives the PRO Series 4X the lifespan of any other "Heavy-Duty" EFK
  • Fillet Comfortably: Advanced airflow design keeps the PRO Series ergonomic handset cool for hours of continuous filleting.
  • Fillet to Perfection: The EFK PRO series handset is compatible with all variations of American Angler Replacement Blades including the 8-Inch Curved Replacement Blade (31010DS) and the 8-Inch Curved Replacement Shark Blade (31018DS) Blades so you always have the perfect blade to fillet your catch.
  • Fillet like a PRO: Commercial Fisherman and Guide Services choose the American Angler PRO Series more than any other EFK. Backed by a 2-Year Limited Warranty.