American Angler Freshwater Battery Operated Aerator

Freshwater 1.5 Volt Battery Operated Aerator

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Keep bait alive up to four times longer with American Angler's single-batter Aerator. A high-efficiency motor pared with a proprietary micro-cell stone creates 25% more oxygen and an average run time of 30 hours on a single alkaline D-cell.

Whether you are headed to your favorite fly-in fishing hide-away, planning a weekend fish trip with your buddies,as an emergency back-up for your aquarium, or even your kid’s carnival goldfish- the American Angler Aerator is the perfect solution for keeping your bait and small fish lively and healthy!


  • Battery Operated.
  • Combined Motor/Pump/Stone System keeps bait alive up to four times longer.
  • 30 hours of continuous run-time on one alkaline "D" cell.
  • Housing includes back-up battery space - swap cells for 2.5 days of continuous run time.
  • Integral polymer bucket clip fits wide variety of standard and insulated bait containers.
  • Hi-impact polymer, watertight housing sheds water.
  • Rust-resistant construction is great for Freshwater or Saltwater use.
  • Limited 1 year warranty.