Delta Series: Saltwater 10" Slicer

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Once you’ve filleted that huge catch, it’s time to slice it down to manageable portions. Our 10” Delta series slicer is designed with a finely serrated edge and high-carbon German stainless steel body known for its rigidity and reliability. That means that with a little care and maintenance, you’ll never need to sharpen this amazing knife! A soft-grip, ergonomic Santoprene handle with finger guard includes thumb grips so you can maintain complete control as you slice through larger pieces of fish. From front to back, this is a must-have slicer for deep sea fishermen. You'll wish you had gotten it sooner!

The American Angler Promises:

  • Fillet with Ease: Whether you've hooked a 100LB Tuna or an Armor-Plated Redfish, this Heavy-Duty German Stainless Steel Fillet Knife will slice through your catch like butter.
  • Fillet Season After Season: This American Angler Delta Series Serrated Fillet Knife arrives sharp and stays sharp without maintenance so you can spend more time on the water.
  • Fillet Comfortably: Enjoy a fishing season that's tough on the fish and easy on your arm. The Delta Series no-slip Santoprene handle is designed to give you the perfect gripping surface to start and finish your fillet.
  • Fillet to Perfection: Whether it's a big 'ol catfish or a seriously massive tuna, the Delta Series includes every size and shape of blade you need to expertly fillet your catch.
  • Fillet Like a PRO: The American Angler Delta Series are the go-to Manual Fillet Knives for Commercial Fisherman and Weekend Warriors alike. Backed by a 1-Year Limited Lifetime Warranty