Pro EFK w/ 8" Freshwater & 8" Saltwater Blades

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Featuring 2x the torque of standard fillet knives, our Pro EFK provides one of the smoothest, most controlled filleting experiences money can buy. The secret lies in its simple but powerful motor, running on 110V and giving you consistent speed, torque and power with every cut. The handset is ergonomically designed to prevent strain and fatigue in your hand, and it’s vented to keep the motor from overheating on a busy day out on the water. For varied catches, this particular kit includes both an 8” saltwater and 8” freshwater blade so you can easily swap out serrated blades depending on where you’re fishing. Shop now and enjoy a 2-year limited warranty on your purchase of the American Angler Pro EFK!


  • 8” saltwater blade
  • 8” freshwater blade
  • Mesh carrying bag
  • Handset