Pro EFK w/ 3 Freshwater Blades

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Our Pro EFK with three freshwater blades is the perfect choice for any river, pond, lake or stream fishing enthusiast. Serrated blades ranging from 5.5” to 10” are easily swappable so you can fillet any size catch. What gives the Pro EFK its power and reliability is its small but durable motor. The vented handset features a powerful motor-and-gear system running on 110V that provides 2x the torque of standard electric fillet knives with a smooth and controlled motion so you can fillet the perfect piece of fish. Keep your blades properly aerated and corrosion-free with the included mesh carrying bag, and shop with us today to enjoy a limited 2-year warranty on your purchase!


  • 8” Freshwater blade
  • 5.5” Freshwater blade
  • 10” Freshwater blade
  • Handset
  • Mesh carrying bag